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“I am simply distressed to see our children reel under loads of books and study material in the name of education, and unrelated subjects in which the child may not be interested, gushed down his/her throat”

– Hafeesa Siraj (Founder & Correspondent)

It is said that “what is not achieved at six cannot be achieved at sixty”. The very basis of an individual – their character, attitude, etc are acquired in their early formative years and these are almost impossible to change later in their adult lives. Certain quality such as adaptability, leadership, etc are visible at an early stage and if skillfully coached and closely observed, then early corrective measures can be taken to help mould the child for a successful adulthood.

This was the vision of Dr. Maria Montessori. To provide for an environment which is conducive for learning at one’s own pace and a process which encourages expression and creativity. A system of education where conceptual knowledge is gradually imparted, which can be put to meaningful use later.


Concern of Parents

As a parent, it your constant endeavor to give your child a head start at every stage of life. But unfortunately, this over enthusiasm is counterproductive, as the needs of a child are overlooked and an excess of expectations and pressure are burdened on the child. There is always a realization that, albeit late, had the basics been strong, there wouldn’t have been a need to push and stretch the child all along the way. This lack of basic foundation, is often a hindrance for higher learning, hence Montessori system emphasizes a strong foundation.

Montessori Education System

The Montessori philosophy does not believe in pushing every child at one stroke and expect them to be achievers. Instead of forcing the child to adapt to the system, it adapts to each individual and recognizes the ability and potential of every child. Every activity that is taken up is completed to perfection, thus allowing the individual to move ahead with a sense of understanding and satisfaction. As a result, when a child steps out of the Montessori system at six years, he or she has not only mastered the environment but also possesses a sense of confidence and the proficiency to tackle higher levels of learning.

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What is not achieved at six cannot be achieved at sixty